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A Wonder-filled Adventure

Exploration and discovery brings wonder and amazement to your child in our wobbler

room. The wonder begins through

adventurous transitions such as crawling to walking, baby food to finger food, and progressing from bottles to sippy cups. Our Teaching Specialists foster your child’s independence and self –awareness as it blossoms through process art experiences, sensory exploration and fine & gross motor skill development.

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Our Wobbler Program

Our Wobbler classroom is where your child will gain a sense of community as they begin to understand spatial awareness and sharing.  Our Teaching Specialists provide wonder-filled adventures that include music, nursery rhymes, stories and Baby Signs© sign language to encourage verbal communication and develop connections.


Daily Routines and Activities

Greeting and Goodbye Rituals

Whether your child chooses a smile, a hug or a simple wave, this ritual ensures a smooth transition from parent to teacher while clearly signifying who is now responsible for them.


Adventure Art Activities

Art Adventures nurture creativity, while improving fine motor skills.


Meals and Napping

Transitioning from bottles to sippy cups, baby food to table food and cribs to cots nurture independence and self-awareness


Exploration Stations

Simple stations in the classroom encourage sensory exploration, fine and gross motor development while facilitating language development through social interaction with teachers and friends.


Group Circle

Helps further develop social skills and spatial awareness while practicing Baby Signs® sign language, nursery rhymes, finger plays and songs.


Wobbler Explorations


Through the introduction art and creativity, your wobbler begins to express their imagination and form their own unique personality.



Awareness of the five senses is made possible by exploring various sensory activities.



Participating in fine and large motor activities both indoors and outdoors promotes children to use their bodies to grow and develop.



Oral language and communication skills and encouraged through Baby Signs® sign language, singing songs, and reading nursery rhymes.



“Moving and Grooving” is lots of fun! Through dancing, singing, and being silly with different interactive toys, introduces music and encourages coordination.



Having a safe place to calm down or cuddle after a stimulating activity provides comfort. Our Teaching Specialists spend one-on-one time bonding with each child to build trust and help them feel content and relaxed.


Program Options

We offer a full-day program that is designed to provide flexibility through convenient 2, 3, 4 and 5 day options. Please speak with your

Kingdom Program Director

regarding details and availability.

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