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A complete education begins with embracing

the whole child - body, mind, heart and spirit.

Children learn in many different ways and

every child is a unique individual. Our whole

child education approach is designed to meet

each child at their level of development and

equip them with the education and life skills

necessary to grow and flourish into

tomorrow’s future leaders.


Building Bodies

Starting with our nutritious menu,

building a healthy body is the

fundamental foundation your child needs

to foster further learning.   Whether it’s

dancing, playing, or learning to walk our

whole child approach reveals your child’s

talents while developing critical fine and gross motor skills necessary for all future growth and development.


Educating Minds

Celebrating each child’s individual

discoveries instills confidence and self-

esteem through education. Educating minds through exploration

and discovery are essential building

blocks of learning.  Our comprehensive

early education system is comprised of age appropriate curriculum designed to develop and celebrate each child’s unique learning discovery.


Touching Hearts

A complete education nurtures children

encouraging them to open their hearts to

form friendships, create memories and

build lifelong relationships that extend

far beyond early childhood.  Our

comprehensive curriculum includes the

development of social emotional skills needed to excel in school and in life.


Enriching Spirits

Teaching goodness and creating

character through timeless truths

enriches a child’s spirit. By instilling

Christian principles with our Loving

Guidance Character Education Program

we lay the foundation for children to

Thrive as the adults they were designed to be.



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