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Magnificent Milestones

This is such an exciting time to watch your child grow from a tiny little infant to a spirited young toddler. During these magnificent milestones we will encourage, comfort, teach and kindly remind.

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Magnificent Milestones

What an exciting time, as Magnificent Milestones are achieved and the transformation from infant to a spirited young toddler occurs! Our Teaching Specialists balance learning and development through discovery and exploration.  From learning rituals, establishing routines and beginning potty training toddlers start their journey to independence.


Daily Routines and Activities

Greetings and Goodbye Rituals

Whether your child chooses a handshake, hug, or high-five, this ritual ensures a smooth transition from parent to teacher while providing a consistent and positive start to their day.


Adventure Art Activities

Art abounds as toddlers explore and create, experimenting with finger paint, glitter, glue, cotton balls and more!


Meals and Rest Time

Gaining confidence by developing self-help skills begins at meal time.  From washing their own hands to taking care of their own plate the journey of independence takes flight.


Exploration Stations

Toddler Exploration Stations incorporate hands-on activities that allow them to explore and discover using their senses and begin to become aware of themselves, their environment and how things work.


Group Circle

Group circle helps toddlers begin to develop attention skills, learn to relate to others and demonstrate self-control.


Toddler Explorations



Creating art  masterpieces and pretending through play are essential components to awaken a child’s spirit and stimulate their mind.



Building awareness using all senses sparks curiosity through experimentation with a variety of materials, activities and concepts.



Valuable fine and gross motor skills are supported through playing on soft climbers, building towers, sorting blocks and playing outside. All fundamental to building healthy, strong bodies.



Our Toddler classroom is where your child will gain a sense of community through baby sign language and verbal development as they learn to share and communicate with their friends.



Music is an interactive way for learning and exploring.  Physical health and development is promoted through daily music and movement adventures.



Learning to share, verbalize and communicate can sometimes become challenging for a toddler.  Having a place to relax and take time to work through emotions is essential for nurturing social emotional development.


Program Options

We offer a full-day program that is designed to provide flexibility through convenient 2, 3, 4 and 5 day options. Please speak with your

Kingdom Program Director

regarding details and availability.

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