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Teaching Goodness, Creating Character

We believe preschool early education should

be more than just preparing your child for Kindergarten, it should equip and empower

your child for life! Teaching Goodness and Creating Character educates and inspires the whole child, body, mind, heart and spirit and develops the necessary life skills to succeed in school and in life.


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Our Preschool Program

Our Teaching Specialists foster building friendships and making positive choices through Loving Guidance and Conscious Discipline.  They tap into a child’s natural curiosity to explore the world around them through literacy, math, science and more. Starting the day right is everything and it all starts with “Brainsmart Start”, where we teach the children how to warm up their body by warming up their mind.


Daily Routines and Activities

Greetings and Goodbye Ritual

Whether your child chooses a handshake, hug, or high-five, this ritual ensures a smooth transition from parent to teacher while providing a consistent and positive start to their day.


Adventure Art Activities

Teaching children through art, by demonstrating various styles and techniques actively engages them, providing limitless opportunities to discover and explore their own creativity.


Meals and Rest Time

Our Family style meals that begin with prayer and incorporate our Trampoline  curriculum to promote and instill table manners and etiquette.


Discovery Stations

Children visit exploration stations that facilitate learning and discovery through individual and group exploration.  These stations help children develop self-awareness, while gaining a sense of independence and accomplishment.


Small Group Time

Small group instruction allows our Teaching Specialists to work with a fewer number of children at a time.  This develops connections with each child, allowing them to share ideas and opinions while receiving encouragement and support.


Large Group Time

When the children gathered together as one group, it’s the perfect time to welcome a new friend, create a fun skit, form an instrument band or solve problems that affect their classroom family.


Group Circle

Morning and Afternoon Circle Times incorporate songs, literacy activities, phonics, letters, new words and written language to foster critical listening and speaking skills in a fun, child-centered way.


Preschool Discoveries


reative art is introduced through classic art prints allowing children to make connections and create their own artwork.  Through dramatic play, music and movement your child will expand their imagination.



Our Teaching Specialists tap into a child’s natural curiosity to explore the world around them through sand and water, sensory and science investigations.



Starting the day off right is everything and it all starts with our “Brainsmart Start”, where we teach children how to warm up their body, in turn warming up their mind.



Math is explored through counting, classifying, and comparing helping each child to develop math skills and recognize patterns.  Understanding technology through computers and interactive learning scenarios allows children to predict outcomes, solve problems and even build vocabulary.



From building towns, setting up a grocery store, dressing up and exploring a new culture, children learn to cooperate with others while exploring their classroom, community and world.



Learning about nutrition, exercise, safety and health practices starts your child on a journey to a more balanced and healthy life.



Our center library, print rich classrooms, and Spanish curriculum are just a few components of our Kingdom Curriculum that support and promote language and literacy development.



To help build self confidence and a sense of self worth, social and emotional skills are developed.  Role playing how to care for and recognize others needs creates a classroom community in which children enjoy work and play while respecting others individual differences.



Our teaching specialists encourage building positive relationships and making positive choices through Loving Guidance and Conscious Discipline.  The relaxation station is a safe place where children can utilize learned social skills and rituals to deal with emotional situations.


Program Options

We offer a full-day program that is designed to provide flexibility through convenient 2, 3, 4 and 5 day options. Please speak with your

Kingdom Program Director

regarding details and availability.

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Kingdom Curriculum Components

     Loving Guidance

     The InvestiGator Club

     Jr. Kids Church

     Trampoline - A Spanish program

     Handwriting Without Tears

     Trampoline - An etiquette program


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