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Caring for your Creation

We know that your child is a precious gift and our

loving, nurturing Teaching Specialists provide royal

care beyond compare. We go above and beyond providing a safe and secure environment, starting

with our parents-only webcam surveillance system

and our separate infant sleeping area which provides

a tranquil space for peaceful napping. All our

Teaching Specialists adhere to safe sleep practices and are certified in First Aid and CPR. To maintain consistency, our Teaching Specialists partner with our parents to create each infant's personalized routine.


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Our Infant Program

Our infant classroom is a learning environment designed to nurture and foster physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth.  Through playing, singing, reading and lots of cuddling, our Teaching Specialists create loving bonds that blossom and form the foundation from which your baby’s learning adventure begins.


Daily Routines and Activities

Greetings and Goodbye Rituals

Whether your child chooses a smile, a hug or a simple wave, this ritual ensures a smooth transition from parent to teacher while clearly signifying who is now responsible for them.


Meals and Napping

Keeping a consistent schedule with eating and sleeping patterns help keep children on track and content.


Exploration Stations

These discovery stations within the classroom provide sensory activities, foster play and interaction with friends throughout the day.


Group Circle

Infants love to socialize! These engaging activities help develop motor skills and spatial awareness by mirroring expressions and introducing Baby Signs® sign language encouraging social skills.


Infant Explorations


 A safe place where infants can cuddle and have some one-on-one time with their teacher.



 Infants love to dance, wiggle, and giggle. Through music and interactive toys they will be encouraged to learn, explore and love music.



  Beginning communication skills are introduced through Baby Signs®, books, singing songs, and oral language cards.



  Fun on the floor, action/reaction toys, strolling along outside and building tall towers just to see them fall over. This is just the start to learning motor skills which helps them build trust and confidence in themselves.

Program Options

We offer a full-day program that is designed to provide flexibility through convenient 2, 3, 4 and 5 day options. Please speak with your

Kingdom Program Director

regarding details and availability.

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