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Kingdom Curriculum

Our Kingdom Curriculum is comprised of the

best blend of developmentally appropriate programs designed for each child to receive a complete, balanced education. It is truly an Early Learning System that balances education with the pursuit of self-discovery, adventure and exploration.



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A Complete, Balanced Education

Our Kingdom Curriculum is comprised of the best blend of developmentally appropriate researched and proven curricula available today. By pairing essential components, we have created one comprehensive curriculum that incorporates the best programs, while allowing us to choose the most effective, developmentally appropriate curriculum and tailor it to create the most benefit for each one of our programs.

The InvestiGator Club - The place for curious learning

The InvestiGator Club Prekindergarten Learning System is a comprehensive program which fully integrates preschool education in literacy, math, science, social studies, oral language, fine arts, and music. Children are taught basic readiness skills such as the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors, and they are also encouraged to experiment, build structures, appreciate fine art, sing and dance, and engage in dramatic play.  The program uses engaging stories, charming characters, and children's own curiosity to motivate them to think, solve problems, communicate, and investigate their world. The curriculum also focuses on social and emotional needs as well as physical abilities for young children. Great care is taken to ensure that adaptations and suggestions are offered to accommodate a multitude of special needs. Our approach emphasizes interactive learning and invites the entire family to get involved. Components of this fantastic System are used in all our classrooms, with the complete Learning System being used in our Preschool program.

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J.R. Kids Church - Encourage your child to light up for GOD

Through song, dance, activities and bible stories, J.R. Kids church helps to excite your child about GOD.  This curriculum leads your child on a thrilling journey that lets your child know that GOD has a plan and purpose for their lives. This is the Christian component of our program that is used with every age group to teach basic prayers, bible verses and stories.

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Baby Signs - Helping Children “Talk before they can talk”

By teaching your baby a sign language, successful communication will be literally at your baby's fingertips. The Baby Signs® Program is the world's leading sign language program for hearing babies. This program was created by child development experts to create a stepping stone for babies to development into verbal communicators as toddlers.  The program has been proven through scientific research to provide positive benefits for children, and has even been shown to help your child potty train before age 2.  The Baby Signs® Program is used primarily in our Infant, Wobbler and Toddler classrooms.

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Trampoline - A Spanish Program for Young Minds

Our Trampoline Spanish program gives students a jump on learning a foreign language.  This program nurtures and inspires young minds to thrive in today's competitive academic environment.  Teaching through a modular design provides the necessary framework to introduce even the youngest of learners to the Spanish language and promote cultural awareness.  Spanish is an integral part of our preschool and prekindergarten programs.

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Handwriting Without Tears - A Complete Handwriting Curriculum for All Children

The developmentally based, flexible, and engaging Handwriting Without Tears® program is the easiest, most effective way for children to develop good handwriting skills.  Handwriting Without Tears features intuitive workbooks, engaging hands-on materials, and lively music to inspire active learning. This comprehensive program is essential to the development of children in our preschool, prekindergarten and Young 5’s program.

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Trampoline - An Etiquette Program for Young Minds

Etiquette is the foundation of successful social interaction - and the earlier it's learned, the more    natural it becomes. This program helps to give your child the keys to good behavior with lessons in table manners, greetings, telephone etiquette, visiting others and fair play.  This is a key component of our program that we begin in our Toddler Program.

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Splash – Dive into Early Literacy Development

This engaging, interactive program is designed to enhance the literacy skills of early readers.  Splash targets the necessary components of literacy developing essential skills such as vocabulary, oral language, comprehension, and fluency creating early readers.  We feature this curriculum in our preschool, prekindergarten and young 5’s classrooms.

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Loving Guidance  through Conscious Discipline®

Conscious Discipline® is a comprehensive classroom management program using everyday life events to teach self-control, conflict-resolution, character development and social skills.  This practical program focuses on the concept of developing a School Family ensuring a safe, caring classroom.  Our School Family allows children to create solutions, improve academically and be accountable for their own behavior.


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